photos & projects by graw böckler

photo diary photos taken in portugal (2008), buenos aires (2005-08), philadelphia and poland (2007/2008/2009) + older photos.

raum für projektion is a temporary projection space. the label "raum fuer projektion" is publishing DVDs. it has been founded in 2001/2003 by graw böckler.

loop pool is an international plattform for video loops. DVD releases: loop pool (2005), loop pool ping pong (2006), loop pool on ice (2007). a graw böckler project, commissioned by international short film festival oberhausen.

commercials for a concept due to the consideration that not only products but concepts and ideas need publicity, this project is about producing "commercials for a concept". "Ideas for Europe - 24 Commercials for a Concept" has been released on DVD by raum für projektion. A project by graw böckler. commissioned by the 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2007. Sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

unauthorized commercials are underground publicity clips, directed by graw böckler. music is by popnoname & guests.

visuelle intelligenz ist ein photobuch im netz