hi there and thanks for visiting :)

a large part of this portfolio is the video archive.

photography has links to beautiful fb albums.

there is a very vivid section for photo books and published dvds respectively blu-ray discs.

graw böckler garage is a small art space.

our work is sometimes structured within projects. this part might be interesting for an understanding of our approach.

please find as well infos about exhibitions, screenings and our contact & cv.

besides our artistic work we want to be hired for commissioned work :)


ursula & georg (graw böckler)

ps clicking on the image(s) below leads to a recent activity.

ursula böckler: die photos der "magical misery tour" mit martin kippenberger (photo book) old fashion (photo book)
edificio copan, die photos der mmt, solo shows, 240 minuten!, cinesesc, carneval, sao paulo, graw böckler (photo book) avenida da praia
gas station martin bormann - 31 years depois lass uns so tun (music video) ultraviolet bahia (installation video)

ursula böckler & georg graw are the artist duo graw böckler. they produce films & photography and curate an artspace in berlin.